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Where have you been?!

​Residency is here! My first month of residency is COMPLETE! Before I let you know how residency is going; let’s begin where I left off.

In March, I received the life changing news of getting into my family residency program of choice. In that same week, I was met with a phone call by the program director; congratulating and welcoming me into the Family Medicine Residency Program Class of 2020. Since Match Day, I received numerous emails about my schedule for orientation, the paperwork for my medical licensing, and several tenacious paperwork. In the matter of weeks, I flew down to my new home state to search for a new place to live. I looked at several homes and apartments and envision where I will lay my head at night, the beautiful spacious kitchen where I will whip up my tasty meals, my new room of endless nights of studying, and where I will add the many new memories of my life. After four days of looking at considerable amount of houses and apartments, I found the one.

Driving to my new home state for a total of 13 hours gave me plenty time to think. My feelings of excitement was now joined with nervousness. Then, I remembered all the perseverance and hard work, it took to get here and now all the hard work it will take to get to 2020. At the end of my running thoughts, I decided to embrace all the experiences that will come my way. I have learned a magnitude of knowledge during my medical school education and I plan to expand on my knowledge to be able to better treat my future patients. As a medical student we have the safety blanket of the residents and the attendings. As a intern (first year resident), the safety blanket is slowly slipping off. You have more responsibilities and expected to handle those responsibilities efficiently and effectively. These patients are now in your hands. Their lives are dependent on your medical knowledge and your thought process.

NOW let's dive in about my residency journey so far. July was my very first month of rotation at my family residency program. It's a month of orientation which includes practice procedures, patient care and skills, learning and perfecting emergency medical records, weekly didactics, and weekly clinics.

The first month felt like the first stage of a new relationship; getting to know the program and knowing how it works. In addition, the residency also did a great job picking my co-interns. We are getting along really well and I can not wait to see how our relationship grow.

I think I've gained 9 framily members.

See you in a month!

All the best!

Dr. A

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