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Why A Planner?

I started using planners in high school but started using it heavily during my college years. The transition from high school to college included more sole responsibility in my education, initiative, and time management. A planner was incredibly helpful to hone down those skills. The ability to write down your schedule helps you see what you can and cannot do. It also allowed you to be more realistic with your time and makes your day more doable.

I’m a person who needs a check list to get things done. In medical school we often hear “if you didn’t write it; it didn’t happen”. Well for me, “ if I don’t write it down; it won’t get done”

- I start by planning my week ahead every Sunday and plan my week ahead. I write it down on a piece of paper then transfer it into my planner. I then check my planner again around Wednesday to see if any changes need to be made. The fun part is checking off things that I planned for the day.

- Make it fun!! Use stickers & quotes. I buy colorful stickers to remind me to call or text someone, bill payment dues, or beautiful or motivational sayings. I add weekly inspirational bible verses in my planner. It helps especially if I’m experiencing a rough week.

- Pick the right one for you. Your decision may come down to your budget, the look of it, or what you want out of your planner. I first started out with a $5 monthly planner. As a college student, that’s what I could afford and I needed a planner to get the job done. I’m now using the Happy Planner after years of using the bloom planner. I write down monthly goals every start of the month. Each month starts off with goals you have to set for yourself which is divided into work, finances, home, relationships, and health.

10 Benefits of Using A Planner

1. You will be more organized

2. Increase your productivity

3. Declutter your task list and you SEE your priorities

4. Lowers your stress level

5. Improves memory

6. Makes daily routine more creative and fun

7. Helps with with important dates (deadlines, birthdays, bills, etc)

8. Decreases your chance of overcommitment

9. Reduces procrastination

10. Completing the task or schedule of the day is the greatest sense of accomplishment!

Why not give it a try? Get a planner today. You won’t regret it!

If you have a planner, tell me what you like most about it.

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