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How to stay positive?

There was a time when my thoughts consist of negativity and limitations. My ability to see the best in a situations was dismal. I would worry and think the worst of situations. I remember a friend where every circumstances she would face; she saw the positive. Whether it a sad, disappointing, or unfortunate experiences.

I wanted that for myself.

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”

Now, this change does not come easy. It takes you making an active transition on your thoughts daily. Whenever a negative thought comes, change it to a positive. When I first started to make this change, I printed quotes. (This is where my love of positive and motivational quotes come from). I printed 8 of my favorite quotes and posted it up on my wall. (Yes, very Mary Jane esq) I would wake up every morning and read 1-2 of those quotes to start my day. Not only were these positive quotes posted on my wall, it was also the wallpaper on my phone, in my planner, and my little digital post-its on my laptop. Every where I looked there was a positive/motivational quote or a bible verse.

Doing this then helped me changed my outlook in situations. When times were difficult, I will tell myself there is a reason or a lesson in this. Sometimes that answer did not come right away (or maybe never) but actively searching and knowing there was one increased my optimism.

Again difficult, but let's repeat the quote stated in the beginning ‘Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will." Wallowing in sadness and negative thoughts helps you how?

Besides the daily motivational quotes,

  1. Take time to laugh. Grab some snacks & put on your favorite comedy shows.

  2. Talk. Talk it out with friend with a great listening ear Sometimes holding you emotions in can feel like you are drowning.

  3. Journal. This is another method to release your emotions. I am currently writing in my journal biweekly.

  4. The power of your tongue. Speak positivity into your life! Add and read about positivity. (The Alchemist is a great read!)

All the Best,

Dr. A

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